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Originators Group is a full-service provider of commercial real estate property valuation products ranging from specialized due diligence and consulting services to self-contained and restricted-use appraisals. Our goal is to provide our clients with a high-quality product on a timely basis at a reasonable cost.  In so doing, OGLLC places great emphasis on the ability to collect, verify and analyze pertinent data relating to their assignments while maintaining a confidential, fiduciary relationship with the client. Consequently, our narrative appraisal reports are tailored to meet client-specific requirements.


In preparing our assignments, specific attention is directed to the following:

  • Conformity with applicable requirements.

  • Consistency of assumptions.

  • Clarity of explanations and reporting of factual subject data.

  • Reasonableness of absorption projections.

  • Completeness of the cash flows.

  • Reasonableness of the income and expense projections in the static pro forma vs. the cash flows.

  • Consistency of the report formats.

  • Reconciliation of factual subject data and local market indicators.

  • Correlation of value approaches into a value conclusion.

  • If required, we can provide preliminary value estimates or deliver draft reports prior to the issuance of the final work product.

Appraisals & Valuations

We have appraised a wide range of assets on a regional and nationwide basis each year including residential co-operative, condominium and rental projects; retail shopping centers, regional malls, power centers, lifestyle centers, outlet centers, and stand-alone retail assets; vacant industrial, commercial and residential land; full- and limited-service hotels and motels, assisted living and congregate care facilities; single- and multi-tenanted office buildings; refrigerated warehouses, truck terminals, distribution centers, and single- and multi-tenanted industrial facilities; as well as special-use properties including golf courses, grain mills, marinas, parking garages, truck stops, service stations, automobile dealerships, car washes, mini-storage warehouses, funeral homes, industrial/business parks, RV parks, hospitals and various health-care facilities.


Our comprehensive valuation services include:

  • Market Value Appraisals and Consulting

  • Appraisal Review

  • Arbitration/Dispute Resolution Support

  • Asset Management and Fund Performance Tracking

  • Capital Market Transactions

  • Corporate Planning, Accounting and Strategy

  • Estate Planning

  • Go-Dark Valuations

  • Institutional, Pension Fund, REIT and Bank Financing

  • IRS Tax Grievances

  • Liquidation and Disposition Valuations

  • Portfolio Valuation

  • Private/Corporate Estate Planning/Filing

  • Retrospective Value Appraisals

  • Single-Asset Valuation

  • Valuation for Financial Reporting

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