About Us

Dimitri M. Teddone, MAI, has over 20 years of real estate appraisal and consulting experience throughout the northeast United States including valuations consisting of over $26.5 billion in assets.

Mr. Teddone formed Originators Group, LLC (ORG) which will actively provide real estate appraisal/consultation and due diligence/underwriting services to the real estate investment and financial community. ORG’s goal is to provide its clients with a high-quality product on a timely basis at a reasonable cost. In so doing, ORG places great emphasis on the ability to collect, verify and analyze pertinent data relating to their assignments while maintaining a confidential, fiduciary relationship with the client. In preparing our assignments, specific attention is directed to the following:

  • Conformity with applicable requirements;
  • Consistency of assumptions;
  • Clarity of explanations and reporting of factual subject data;
  • Reasonableness of absorption projections;
  • Completeness of the cash flows;
  • Reasonableness of the income and expense projections in the static pro forma vs. the cash flows;
  • Consistency of the report formats;
  • Reconciliation of factual subject data and local market indicators;
  • Correlation of value approaches into a value conclusion;